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Eyebrow Design And Shaping, First Time

Eyebrow Shaping, Maintenance

Lip or Chin Waxing

Eyebrow And Lip

Eyebrow, Lip, Chin Combo

Sides Of Face

Full Face Includes Eyebrows

Full Face, No Eyebrows


Under Arms or Lower Arms

Full Arms, Includes Hands


Lower or Upper



Abdominal or Chest



Ears, Nose, Fingers, Or Toes


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$50 – $60


$55 – 65



$45 -$50



$20 each



*Be sure to let your esthetician know if you are taking any medication or using any products that would make you sensitive to waxing. We do not recommended waxing for anyone using Retin-A or taking Accutane.

At ReNew, we take waxing seriously. We personally select exclusive wax that is made for the most sensitive skin type to ensure the most comfortable waxing process for our clients. Our Esthetician takes her time to ensure that you are properly waxed and satisfied with your treatment. We view waxing as a time to lay down on ReNew’s big, warm table and relax.

Your eyes are your single most dramatic facial feature, and eyebrow shapes are crucial to highlighting eyes appropriately. The proper shape can provide an instant eyelift, while poorly shaped brows can darken and obscure the eyes or create an unwanted facial expression.

Before randomly plucking brows or slathering on hot wax it is vital to choose a shape that will compliment and accentuate your eyes. Your appointment is more than just the traditional brow wax – it is a brow shaping and we take it seriously. We will first examine your natural brow shape. Is the hair too long and bushy? Are the brows too thick, or too close together? Are the ends ragged and blunt? Is the hair sparse and patchy? Defining the problem is the first step toward correcting it with a new shape.

Once we have an idea about what type of shape will look best on your face it is time to create your new look. We will wax any hairs we know do not belong. Then we will slowly build your shape by tweezing and trimming.

If your brows have been mis-shaped in the past it may take a several waxing appointments to get your brows on track, allowing hairs that have been taken to grow back in properly.