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Our Custom Massage is personalized to meet your individual needs. Relax, reduce stress, and experience relief from pain as our expert massage therapists employ relaxing Swedish techniques, therapeutic deeper pressure, or a combination of both, to deliver ultimate health and wellness benefits.

30 minutes, $69/ 60 minutes, $125/ 90 minutes, $169


The therapist will work off a physician’s prescription to address specific injuries, pathologies or needs for rehabilitation. A variety of techniques may be used during this massage to allow the practitioner to focus on specific areas of the body. It is an adjunct to a medical treatment.

30 minutes, $69/ 60 minutes, $125


This massage is a very gentle massage consisting of rhythmic pressure, soft finger strokes and light drumming. Stretching the skin to the direction of the lymph pathways toward the lymph nodes is the goal of this massage. This helps to remove any blockages or toxins that are being trapped in the lymph system, which will ultimately result in helping you feel better and release these toxins from the body. Lymph massages are highly helpful after surgery.

60 minutes, $125


Prenatal massage, specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant woman’s changing bodies, are designed to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation/mobility, and just make you feel good!

60 minutes, $125 / 90 minutes, $169

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